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My economical situation is a bit tight right now, so if you have some money to spare, please help me out by commissioning me! Here's the rules:

♦ Request whatever you want me to draw! I can do pretty much anything, fanart is a-ok, and yeah I do draw girls as well.
♦ I do R18 adult stuff, but in this case males only. Sorry!
♦ I might use the picture you commissioned me for personal use in the future.
♦ If you want additional stuff, like complicated backgrounds, I might charge a little extra.
♦ If you want me to draw original characters or such, you have to provide me with reference material.
♦ I'll start working on your commission as soon as I'm paid.
♦ I only accept paypal, sorry!
♦ It'll take around a week for me to finish your commission, it might take longer for more complicated commissions.
♦ I can't send originals, but I'll happily provide you with hi-res image files if you want it.
♦ For more complicated/expensive orders I will send you a WIP so you can ask me to make any changes should you want it.  

How to order: send me an email to, telling me what you would like me to draw and how you want it drawn (see the options above), and I'll get back to you with the total cost. Then, as soon as you've paid I'll get to work on your commission. If it's just a simple commission with few characters (pencil sketch or shaded sketch) I'll simply mail you the finished piece once it's done. If it's a more complicated commission I will send you a WIP so you'll have the chance to ask me to change anything.

Thank you so much in advance!! And, if you can't commission me, please signal boost!! I'd appreciate that a lot too!  ( ▽ `)